Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship
Building 31
Jaffalaan 5
2628 BX Delft
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Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE), part of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, is responsible for the provision of several education programs at bachelor and master level and contributes to PhD training and to various other teaching programs.

The programs serve approximately 400 students across the faculties of TU Delft with a goal to increase their entrepreneurial activity and eventually the start-up of new technology-based firms or venture projects within established organisations.  

The centre focuses on technology-based entrepreneurship and embraces various research approaches, methods and  teaching techniques. DCE currently has 5 full-time faculty members and together with scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs from TU Delft, the tech-incubator YES!Delft, the Valorisation Centre and Delft Enterprises the centre engages engineering students to contribute to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of TU Delft.

The activities of DCE rest on three pillars: (1) Education on Entrepreneurship; (2) Research on Entrepreneurship; (3) Entrepreneurial activities in practice. The cross-fertilization of the three pillars is vital to enhance entrepreneurship education and to preserve its quality at the highest level, as well as providing nascent entrepreneurs with the latest developments and insights. In doing so, it is important to engage with experts from industry to obtain the latest insights and share these with students, young entrepreneurs and researchers.

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