Eefje Cuppen

Associate Professor


Multi-Actor Systems


Policy, Organisation, Law & Gaming

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Building 31

Room number: b2.120
Phone: +31 15 27 86583

Secondary employment

Research interests

  • Sustainability transistions
  • Responsible innovation
  • Public engagement
  • Participatory governance
  • Crowd-based innovation E.H.W.J. (Eefje) Cuppen


I am Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM) of TU Delft. I hold an MSc degree in Innovation Sciences from Eindhoven University of Technology (2004) and a PhD in policy sciences from VU University (Institute for Environmental Studies; 2010). I was expert member of the EU 2020 Advisory Board of the Future and Emerging Technologies working programme 2016/2017.


Educational activities

My teaching concentrates on the interaction between (sustainable) technology and society, and includes courses on the governance of technology, science-policy interaction, sustainable development and governance of closed loop supply chains.

  • Closed Loop Supply Chains (MSc Industrial Ecology)
  • The Political Use of Models for Sustainable Development (MSc Applied Mathematics)
  • Bestuur en Recht 1 (BSc Technische Bestuurskunde)
  • Engineering for Sustainable Development (TUD Sustainability Annotation)
  • Mixed method research for multi-actor systems (from 2016/2017; MSc System Engineering Policy Analysis and Management)
  • Industrial Ecology Interdisciplinary Project Group (MSc Industrial Ecology)
  • PhD Course Responsible Innovation (lecturer, organised by TU Delft, WUR and Twente University)

Key publications

  • Ligtvoet, A., Cuppen, E., Di Ruggero, O., Hemmes, K., Pesch, U., Quist, J. Mehos, D. (2016). New future perspectives through constructive conflict: exploring the future of gas in the Netherlands. Futures, 78, 19-33.
  • Cuppen, E., Bosch-Rekveld, M., Pikaar, E. & Mehos, D. (2016). Stakeholder Engagement in Large-Scale Energy Infrastructure Projects: Revealing perspectives using Q methodology. International Journal of Project Management. Special issue on ‘Uncertainty, risk and opportunity, resilience and fragility’. doi: 10.1016/j.ijproman.2016.01.003.
  • Correljé, A. Cuppen, E., Dignum, M. Pesch, U. & Taebi, B. (2015). Responsible Innovation in Energy Projects: Values in the Design of Technologies, Institutions and Stakeholder Interactions. In: Van den Hoven, J., Koops, E.J., Swierstra, T., Romijn, H. & Oosterlaken, I. (Eds.) Responsible Innovation, Volume 2: Concepts, Approaches, and Applications. Springer.
  • Cuppen, E., Brunsting, S., Pesch, U. & Feenstra, Y. (2015). How stakeholder interactions can reduce space for moral considerations in decision-making: A contested CCS project in the Netherlands. Environment & Planning A, 1963-1978. doi:10.1177/0308518X15597408.
  • Cuppen, E. (2012). Diversity and constructive conflict in stakeholder dialogue: Considerations for design and methods. Policy Sciences, 45 (1), 23-46.
  • Ciupuliga, A., Cuppen, E. (2013). The role of dialogue in fostering acceptance of transmission lines: the case of a France-Spain interconnection project. Energy Policy, 60, 224-233.Cuppen, E. (2012). Diversity and constructive conflict in stakeholder dialogue: Considerations for design and methods. Policy Sciences, 45 (1), 23-46.
  • Cuppen, E. (2012). A quasi-experimental evaluation of learning in a stakeholder dialogue on bio-energy. Research Policy, 41 (3), 624-637.
  • Cuppen, E., Breukers, S., Hisschemöller, M., & Bergsma, E. (2010). Q Methodology to select participants for a stakeholder dialogue on energy options from biomass in the Netherlands. Ecological Economics, 69, 579-591.

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