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Please find here the presentation of the introduction lesson Elementary 1  from  13 Februari 2017.

Order the Green Book

Books can be ordered at  or can be purchased from the Waltman bookshop in the ID Faculty, Landbergstraat 15, tel. 015-2787523



CEF : 0 >> A1

Study workload

Around 10 hours a week (3 ects for TU students).


The lessons take place twice a week, on Monday or Tuesday evening and on Thursday evening. Each lesson takes one hour. After each lesson there is a listening test for half an hour in the computer language laboratory.
Introductory meeting
Before the course starts there will be an introductory meeting. During the introductory meeting you will be told how to work with the Delftse methode and how to prepare for your lessons. It is not only advisable but also compulsory to come to this meeting! Students who did not show up at the introductory meeting will be deleted from the students list.


Nederlands voor Buitenlanders, tekstboek (het Groene Boek), 4th edition 2009  (€ 63,30)


You can register for the courses by filling in the  registration form. Please fill in this form and send it to our secretaries' office: 

MSc/Exchange students: search for the Pre-enrollment Organization on Blackboard (search for 'Dutch') and enroll. Click here for more information about the enrollment procedure for this course.

Course fees and payment

The course fees are € 395,- excluding lesson material.
For more information about payment please, click here.

Master students and exchange students can do this course as an elective course (wm1115 = 3 ects) .


 Elementary 1





  • 20-04-2017 till 22-06-2017

FULL: waiting list

Master students: check Blackboard


  • August 2017

places available


  • November 2017

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