Filippo Santoni de Sio

Assistant Professor


Values, Technology and Innovation


Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Building 31

Phone: +31 15 27 85141
Room number: B4.140
Availability: Mon, Tue, Thu

Secondary employment

Research interests

Dr. F. (Filippo) Santoni De Sio


I have a PhD in Moral Philosophy. I am currently Assistant professor in Ethics of Technology at the Section Ethics/Philosophy of Technology and a member of Delft Robotics Institute. I am a also a member of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics. I am co-director of the NWO-funded interdisciplinary project Meaningful Human Control over Automated Driving Systems (2017-2020).


I am specialised in the theory of moral and legal responsibility, and in robot ethics. My last book is the co-edited collection Drones and Responsibility: Legal, Philosophical and Socio-Technical Perspectives on Remotely Controlled Weapons (Routledge 2016). I have recently prepared a white paper on the ethics of self-driving cars for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, and I have just been awarded a NWO “Responsible Innovation” grant titled Meaningful Human Control over Automated Driving Systems.

Teaching activities

I mainly teach Engineering Ethics both at the Master and at the Bachelor level.

Key publications

  • Santoni de Sio, F (forthcoming 2017) Killing by Autonomous Vehicles and the Legal Doctrine of Necessity, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice DOI: 10.1007/s10677-017-9780-7
  • Di Nucci E. &  Santoni de Sio F. (eds.), (2016). Drones and Responsibility: Legal, Philosophical and Socio-Technical Perspectives On Remotely Controlled Weapons, Routledge. ISBN 978-1-4724-5672-4
  • Santoni de Sio F (2016) Ethics and Self-driving cars: A white paper on responsible innovation in automated driving systems. Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment Rijkswaterstaat
  • Santoni de Sio, F., van Wynsberghe, A. (2016) When Should We Use Care Robots? The Nature-of-Activities Approach, Sci Eng Ethics. 2016 Dec;22(6):1745-1760
  • Santoni de Sio, F., Faber, N., Savulescu, J., Vincent, N.A (2016). Why Less  Praise for Enahnced Performance? Moving beyond Responsibility-Shifting, Authenticity, and Cheating Toward a Nature-of-Activities Approach, in F. Jotterand and V. Dubliević (eds.), Cogntive Enhancement: Ethical and Policy Implications in International Perspectives, Oxford University Press
  • Santoni de Sio, F., Vincent, N. A (2015). Rationality + Consciousness = Free Will by David Hodgson, Criminal Law and Philosophy, 9:4 , 633-644
  • Santoni de Sio, F., Di Nucci, E., 2014. Who is Afraid of Robots? Fear of Automation and the Ideal of Direct Control, in  F. Battaglia and N. Weidenfeld (eds.), Roboethics in film, Pisa University Press RoboLaw Series
  • Santoni de Sio, F., Faulmüller, N., Vincent, N.A, 2014. How Cognitive Enhancement Can Change Our Duties, Frontiers in System Neuroscience, 8

More publications


Meaningful Human Control over Automated Driving Systems. NWO Responsible Innovation Grant (2017-2020).
Researchers involved: Bart van Arem, Filippo Santoni de Sio, Marjan Hagenzieker.

This project aims at guiding a responsible transition toward automated driving. We will develop a theory of “meaningful human control” over Automated Driving Systems (ADS), and translate the theory into design guidelines, both at the technical and at the institutional level. Based on the methodology of “value-sensitive design”, an interdisciplinary team of philosophers, traffic engineers and behavioural scientists will work together toward a definition of meaningful human control over ADS, which encompasses its conceptual, technical and behavioural dimensions; we will also develop, implement, test and improve guidelines for “designing for meaningful human control” based on two case studies: “partial” and “supervised” autonomy. 


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