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Smart innovation improves road safety for caravans

24 March 2017

Very soon caravan owners will be able to hit the road safely, comfortably and fully informed with the SMART-Trailer. While driving this sensor system keeps them up to date about issues such as tire-pressure, steepness of the road and trailer nose weight.Continue


Symposium "Sociale Innovatie and the Energy transition"

16 March 2017

During this symposium on 3 & 4 April we will try to get an answer to the question: how social innovation can contribute to a successful energy transition.Continue


‘Access to information after a disaster should be a human right’

09 March 2017
Documents of devastated university in coordination centre after typhoon in Philippines.

When we hear ‘emergency aid’, most of us initially think of medical assistance, food and shelter. However, the large amount of information that is available nowadays is having an increasingly greater impact on the effectiveness of relief efforts. You could indeed go as far as to say that the provision of information should be a human right, as Bartel Van de Walle will argue in his inaugural...Continue


Empowering local communities in crisis situations

03 March 2017

‘After natural or man-made crises situations approximately 90 per cent of the affected people is saved by locals. This is why local communities should be better informed and supported to be able to take the correct action’, says Kenny Meesters, who carries out research into the role of information and ICT in crisis situations and disaster responses at TU Delft and Agder University in Norway.Continue

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