TPM students carry out assignment for Ministry of Defence

12 April 2017 by Webredactie TBM

Some two-hundred 1st-year TPM students will be working on an assignment for the Ministry of Defence for the coming ten weeks, as part of the subject system-modelling 2. Lecturer and module manager Michel Oey and Patricia Koome of the Ministry are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.

Oey: “We strive to bring in real-life cases in our education, so that students get acquainted with the work field during university”. On 28 April the students are expected at the Marinekazerne in Amsterdam for the assignments’ kick-off.


The students will work in groups on two assignments. Koome: “We would like to speed up our employment process and request students to analyse how we can optimise the selection process of physical and psychological assessments through modelling”. Another issue that students will be involved in is the fuel supply during military exercises. “At present large quantities of full Jerry cans are transported to the area where the exercise takes place, recently to Poland for example. We would like to find out whether there is a more efficient method”, says Koome. In this case students again will find out through modelling whether efficiency can be booked. The research results will be presented both orally and in writing. This helps students to also master these academic skills.

Getting acquainted

The Ministry of Defence is enthusiastic about the cooperation that came about thanks to Regina Tange of the Centre for Languages and Academic Skills (ITAV) and Veron van Hemert, bachelor student and work student at the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Koome: “We would like to increase name awareness amongst engineering students. Through this acquaintance we hope to enthuse students to come and work for us after their graduation of even during their studies as Defensity College working student. This initiative allows students to work about one day a week on assignments that fit the students subject and interests.


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