TPM goes space

27 September 2013 by Webredactie TBM
TPM researcher Dragos Datcu using an augmented reality head-mounted device in the ISS Columbus mock-up at ESA

On September 20, 2013 a project between TPM and the European Space Agency has been kicked off. In this project, TPM researchers Stephan Lukosch and Dragos Datcu, both from the Systems Engineering Section in the Multi-Actor Systems department, will research how augmented reality can be used for training procedures to be conducted during experiments at the International Space Station (ISS).

Experiments are normally ready late so that the correct training requires mock-ups and dedicated experts that have designed the experiment. Augmented reality is to bring together experts and trainees as well as to simulate experiments. Thereby the project supports foundational research questions in relation to participatory systems research on presence, awareness and human experience in merging realities.

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