Capturing the societal value of smart energy systems.


RESPonsible innovation: linking formal and infOrmal assessmeNt in deciSionmaking on Energy projects

Safe and secure trade lanes

Digital highway for safe and secure trade

Safety & security in the chemical- and hazardous materials transport sectors

Safety and security under optimal control

Risk analysis of extreme undesirable events

How safe is safe enough?

The regret model

An econometric model that analyses and predicts the choices people make

Open data/open government

The right needles in the right haystacks

Managing complex systems simply

Secure management of large scale socio-technical systems

CSI The Hague

Systems Engineering and Mediated Reality.

Smart Grids 

Fresh light on the energy network of the future. 

Advanced Cyber Defense Center (ACDC)

Europe takes on the battle against botnets. 

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