Capturing the societal value of smart energy systems.


RESPonsible innovation: linking formal and infOrmal assessmeNt in deciSionmaking on Energy projects

Safe and secure trade lanes

Digital highway for safe and secure trade

Safety & security in the chemical- and hazardous materials transport sectors

Safety and security under optimal control

Risk analysis of extreme undesirable events

How safe is safe enough?

The regret model

An econometric model that analyses and predicts the choices people make

Open data/open government

The right needles in the right haystacks

Managing complex systems simply

Secure management of large scale socio-technical systems

Understanding gas sector intra- and intermarket interactions

TPM identifies the ins and outs of the gas and energy market.

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CSI The Hague

Systems Engineering and Mediated Reality.

Smart Grids 

Fresh light on the energy network of the future. 

Advanced Cyber Defense Center (ACDC)

Europe takes on the battle against botnets. 

Alliance for Improving Design and Asset Management (AIDA) 


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A serious game developed by TPM for the Rotterdam Eye Hospital 


Typical TPM issues

Ten years of progress and development.

TPM investigates limits of the planet’s freshwater cycle 

Multifunctional flood defences of the future


TPM and the TU Delft Climate Institute

Maasvlakte 2  

Cluster evolution digitally charted by TPM.

Regret model applied to healthcare

Minimising regret regarding medical choices.

TBM goes CSI

TPM plays a key role in fighting crime.

Five years of IPSE Studies

The Centre for Innovation and Public Sector Efficiency Studies (IPSE Studies) carries out research into the effectiveness of the public sector in the Netherlands. 

Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR)  

Pondering the ideal mix of gas and renewable energy 

Inaugural lecture by Frances Brazier  

Other paradigms are needed in order to design technical, social and eco-systems.

Optimal crosspollination between academia and practice

The soon-to-be-launched Delft School for Public Management and Technology, an access portal to the TU Delft campus.

Inaugural lecture by Yao-Hua Tan

How ICT strengthens trust between the public and private sectors.

TPM's highly appreciated research groups 

I know of no other research programme that covers so many different disciplines and sectors at the same

TPM research leads the way internationally 

TPM enjoys a leading position at the pinnacle of internationalscience.

Perfect simulations for the strategy most likely to succeed

Together with TPM, INITI8 is investigating the further integration of business intelligence and simulation...

TPM scientists about ICT in the healthcare sector

“How do you guarantee that the requirements for keeping information secure and human values (especially privacy) are respected?"

Market forces in health care: A subtle operation

Market forces in the healthcare sector are a difficult issue. Jos Blank and Adrie Dumaij immerse themselves in the subject on a daily basis...

Scientists abroad

“Ithaca is Gorges!” Caspar Chorus in Ithaca

International student Hadi Ashgari wins IBM Thesis Prize

MoT Master’s student Hadi Asghari has recently won the prestigious IBM thesis prize with his thesis ‘Botnet Mitigation and the Role of ISPs’.

“I know a thing or two about building a crane like that”

The view from his workspace on the 17th floor of a Rotterdam office building is just as varied as his job at APM Terminals...

Serious gaming useful in planning future scenarios for railways

To what extent can serious gaming play a role in the future of railway traffic in the Netherlands? ProRail and TU Delft have been putting this to the test...

"The Netherlands is safe thanks to its network of dykes. Or is it?"

Our low-lying country is well protected against water. At least that is what we all like to think. How safe are we behind our dykes?


TPM and District Water Control Board join forces for Delfland EUWFD policy monitor

The European Water Framework Directive (EUWFD) came into force in 2000. The Delfland District Water Control Board called on Leon Hermans, assistant professor in Policy Analysis...


"The world of water is fascinating like no other"

Water is a very wide-ranging area. 7 Years ago, the TPM faculty made a decision to focus particularly on the design aspects of the subject. This was an enlightened choice, believes dr Tineke Ruijgh-van der Ploeg...


"The people at TPM really are bridge-builders"

When it comes to coastal management, the Netherlands is a world leader. But there is still a great deal of room for improvement, according to Dr Jill Slinger, assistant professor in Policy Analysis...


Nobel Prize helps develop TPM's body of ideas

It was announced in mid-October that Elinor Ostrom was one of the winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics. She has been working for some time with a small group of international academics on a conceptual framework for...


Startling results with online learning

How do children and young people learn in the digital era? How should education be designed to accommodate them? These are perfect questions for Wim Veen, professor in Education and Technology...


Container terminal of the future

APM Terminals is responsible for loading and unloading large container ships in many ports around the world. The company, part of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, is constantly seeking innovative technologies...


The latest generation of simulation technologies

It's pouring with rain. Suddenly the sirens sound on the oil platform. The supervisor immediately sets out to investigate and identifies a leak in an oil tank. There's a loud explosion and fire breaks out...


Working on an up-to-the-minute issue

Should the tram arrive at the east or the west side of the new public transport terminal in Utrecht? ProRail and the Utrecht Municipal Authorities cannot agree about this. As part of the Process Management module...


Philosophers go on a retreat

Two years ago, an international visitation committee designated the philosophers of technology from the universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente as 'excellent'. Fortunately, the philosophers in Delft did not see this as...


Sustainable Accesibility of the Randstad

Last July, NWO [the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research] honoured four research proposals relating to the Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad programme. All four proposals were designated...


Randstad Rail more complex than expected

On the evening of Wednesday 29 November 2006, two RandstadRail trams derailed shortly after each other at the Ternoot and Forepark stops in The Hague. Seventeen passengers were injured in the Forepark derailment...


NWO subsidy for TPM research

Government services need clever, flexible IT if they are to respond swiftly to fast-changing legislation. At present, this is proving difficult. Their IT infrastructure is often too rigid or works on a step-by-step basis...


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