Ernst ten Heuvelhof

Ernst ten Heuvelhof
Director of Education

We offer our students a motivating, cosmopolitan and inspiring climate in which they can develop their talents and optimise their potential.  

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Undergraduates (Bachelors)

Bachelor Programme Technische Bestuurskunde

This three-year programme in Dutch is meant for students who have completed the Dutch secondary school VWO.
Are you good at mathematics and other scientific subjects, but also have a broad interest in subjects such as economics, administration, management and law? Do you have an inquiring and also practical mind, are you socially committed and enterprising? Then the degree programme in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management could be the right thing for you.

The Bachelor programme Technische Bestuurskunde is taught in Dutch. Foreign student who wish to enroll in this bachelor programme must have a working knowledge of the Dutch language. Dutch language courses are offered by the Institute of Technology & Communication.

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