Heide Lukosch

Assistant Professor


Multi-Actor Systems


Policy Analysis

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Building 31

Room number: b2.290
Phone: +31 15 27 83211 
E-mail: h.k.lukosch@remove-this.tudelft.nl

Secondary employment

Research interests

  • Simulation Games
  • Situational Awareness
  • Fidelity
  • Virtual Worlds

Dr. H.K. (Heide) Lukosch


Dr.rer.soc. H.K. (Heide) Lukosch is an assistant professor with a background in social and media sciences. Heide explores the design and effects of interactive visualization techniques like simulation games. Amongst others, she has co-developed virtual environments for team training of police teams, and games for further technical education. Heide’s research aims at supporting actors in complex situations to develop situational awareness in order to increase their performance.

Key publications

  • 1.Shalini Kurapati, Daan Groen, Heide K. Lukosch, and Alexander Verbraeck (2014) Microgames in Practice: A Case Study in Container Terminal Operations, in: Willy C. Kriz (Ed.): The Shift from Teaching to Learning: Individual, Collective and Organizational Learning through Simulation Gaming. Proceedings of the International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference (ISAGA 2014), pages 296-309.
  • 2. Heide K. Lukosch and Geertje Bekebrede (2014) The Future of Gaming: Challenges for Designing Distributed Games, in: Richard D. Duke/Willy C. Kriz (Eds.): Back to the Future of Gaming, Bielefeld: W. Bertelsmann Verlag, 2014, pages 142-153.
  • 3.Heide K. Lukosch, Roy van Bussel, and Sebastiaan A. Meijer (2013) Hybrid Instructional Design for Serious Gaming. Journal of Communication and Computer 10(1), pages 69-76. (IF: not indexed)
  • 4. Heide K. Lukosch, Roy van Bussel, and Sebastiaan A. Meijer (2012) A Game Design Framework for Vocational Education, in: International Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 6(1), pages 453-457. (IF: not indexed)
  • 5. Pieter de Vries and Heide Lukosch (2009) Supporting Informal Learning at the Workplace. IJAC, International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning, 2(3), pages 39-44. (IF: not indexed)

More publications


  • Management of Large Engineering Projects
  • Game Design Project  


  • SALOMO – Situational Awareness for LOgistic Multimodal Operations in container supply chains and networks
  • On the Spot – Using Augmented Reality Scenarios in Crime Fighting
  • At the Scene  – Situational Awareness and Communication training for police surveillance teams
  • CharliePapa – Serious Gaming for Close protection
  • Safety Game Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam
  • Serious Game Mechatronics, CRAFT
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