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Ernst ten Heuvelhof

Ernst ten Heuvelhof
Director of Education

We offer our students a motivating, cosmopolitan and inspiring climate in which they can develop their talents and optimise their potential.  

Master programmes

For those students with a bachelor degree in a technical monodiscipline or in a natural science who have an interest in technology management or policy analysis, the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management offers several interesting masters in this field.

All the master programmes are given in the English language and will take two years. After graduation the titels MSc or Ir may be used. Each programme has specific admission requirements.

TPM currently offers these educational master programmes:

  • MSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management (SEPAM). This master is aimed at educating engineers who can contribute to the design and management of infrastructures and related services The programme focuses on system engineering, decision-making and management processes which rise above the level of a single organisation and which occur at the interface of the public and private sectors. SEPAM is an interdisciplinary Master. That means that the students have gained knowledge within various fields such as strategy, decision-making, management and organisations, statistics and system modelling.

  • MSc Management of Technology (MoT). Technology management in high-tech organisations. The programme intends to educate students as technology managers, technological analysts, and entrepreneurs with the objective to improve the quality of technology management. This in highly technology-based, competitive environments for a variety of technology sectors. The programme focuses on decision making in a technological context, technology and strategy, knowledge management, innovation processes and research and development management.

  • MSc Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA). EPA is an internationally oriented master programme, which focuses on current issues (grand challenges) related to energy, mobility, water, climate, safety and security, development and health. The programme educates students to become analysts who can address these issues using simulation models and data, and who can also deal with the political and strategic environment that plays an important role in these challenges.  

  • MSc Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics (TIL). The field of Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics is highly interdisciplinary. Therefore three faculties of Delft University of Technology jointly operate this programme. The programme covers the main elements of the broad field of transport, infrastructure and logistics. A systems approach is one of its educational concepts, where relevant elements and relationships within several cross-sections of transport and logistic systems are important elements of the courses offered.

Online education

The Master Engineering and Policy Analysis will offer a number of courses online. This move marks an important step for the TU Delft in improving access to university education. 


TPM also collaborates with other TU Delft faculties in offering various interfaculty MSc programmes:

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