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Volume 17, Issue 1, online as of January 9th, 2017

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T.K. Rasmussen, O.A. Nielsen, D.P. Watling and C.G. Prato

The Restricted Stochastic User Equilibrium with Threshold model: Large-scale application and parameter testing

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D. Pojani, D. Bakija, E. Shkreli, J. Corcoran and I. Mateo-Babiano

Do Northwestern and Southeastern Europe Share a Common “Cycling Mindset”? Comparative Analysis of Beliefs toward Cycling in the Netherlands and the Balkans

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K. Mommens, T. van Lier and C. Macharis

Freight demand generation on commodity and loading unit level

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D. Milakis, M. Snelder, B. van Arem, B. van Wee and G.H.A. Correia

Development and transport implications of automated vehicles in the Netherlands: scenarios for 2030 and 2050

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F.N. McLeod, T.J. Cherrett, S. Box, B.J. Waterson and J.A. Pritchard

Using automatic number plate recognition data to investigate the regularity of vehicle arrivals

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J. Jones, D. Peeters and I. Thomas

Scale effect in a LUTI model of Brussels: challenges for policy evaluations

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Special Issue:Selected contributions from the 18th meeting of the EURO Working Group on Transportation (EWGT) 

G.H.A. Correia, B.F. Santos and M. Kroesen

Editorial: Driving, cycling and flying: trends in planning and operational transportation research in Europe

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T. Bolić, L. Castelli and D. Rigonat

Peak-load pricing for the European Air Traffic Management system using modulation of enroute charges

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M. Schüßler, T. Niels and K. Bogenberger

Model-based estimation of private charging demand at public charging stations

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F. Moura, J. Magalhães and Picado Santos

Growing from incipient to potentially large cycle networks: screening the road network of the consolidated urban area of Lisbon

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