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Volume 17, Issue 3, online as of May 22th, 2017

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Editorial Board

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C. Calastri, S. Hess and A. Sivakumar

Editorial: Triggers of behavioural change in an evolving world

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J.H. Langbroek, J.P. Franklin and Y.O. Susilo

Changing towards electric vehicle use in Greater Stockholm

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C. Weiss, M. Heilig, N. Mallig, B. Chlond, T. Franke, T. Schneidereit and P. Vortisch

Assessing the effects of a growing electric vehicle fleet using a microscopic travel demand model

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C. Rolim, P. Baptista, G. Duarte, T. Farias and J. Pereira

Impacts of real-time feedback on driving behaviour: a case-study of bus passenger drivers

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A. Carrel and J.L. Walker

Understanding future mode choice intentions of transit riders

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Y.O. Susilo, R. Abenoza, A. Woodcock, F. Liotopoulos, A. Duarte, J. Osmond, A. Georgiadis, G. Rodica Hrin, P. Bellver, F. Fornari, V. Tolio, E.O. Connell, I. Markucevičiūtė and M. Diana

Findings from measuring door-to-door travellers' travel satisfaction with traditional and smartphone app survey methods in eight European cities

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T.A. Hong Nguyen, M. Chikaraishi, H. Seya, A. Fujiwara and J. Zhang

Elderly's heterogeneous responses to topographical factors in travel mode choice within a hilly neighborhood: An analysis based on combined GPS and paper-based surveys

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A. Faghih-Imani, N. Eluru and R. Paleti

How bicycling sharing system usage is affected by land use and urban form: analysis from system and user perspectives

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