Section Policy Analysis

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Policy Analysis

Policy analysis aims at supporting strategic decision-making. Decision-makers in fields such as transport, energy, water management, and spatial planning face complex challenges. Decisions they make today have long term consequences. The uncertainty inherent in these large scale systems makes it very difficult to have an overview of the consequences of decisions.

The objective of our research is to develop and improve methods to support decision-making in situations in which

  • issues need to be addressed at multiple physical and time scales, as well as from multiple disciplinary perspectives, such as engineering, economics, environmental and social science, each providing their own methods
  • multiple actors are involved, holding different, often competing interests and perspectives on problems and solutions
  • an ever  increasing amount of information and data is potentially relevant to decisions

We have contributed to the field by combining traditional rational approaches with participative, interactive and transitional approaches to problem solving, allowing for more integrative and adaptive approaches, and closing the decision-making loop by taking evaluation into account.

In our research and education we connect systems analytic and modelling perspectives to actor-based processes and institutional perspectives on decision- and policy-making. This methodological approach to solving issues in socio-technical systems positions our group in the core of the faculty. Our work of spans different domains, with strong research portfolios in the areas of water and deltas, energy and transportation systems.

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