Section Policy, Organization, Law & Gaming

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Policy, Organisation, Law & Gaming

The section Policy, Organisation, Law and Gaming (POLG) studies multi-actor decision-making and governance in the context of technological change. The interplay between behavior and institutions often shows dynamic, sometimes even chaotic patterns. This poses a major governance challenge in times of great technological opportunities: How can we understand and design the interplay between behavior and institutions in the context of technological change?

The POLG group is specialized in conceptualizing the dynamics between technology, governance and law. This includes the rules of the game, the behavior of multiple actors, the institutions that shape this behavior and the interplay among these concepts. Governance includes the whole of institutional arrangements that emerge over time – be it public or private, formal or informal, explicit or implicit, rational or high handed, global or local.

At POLG we aim to understand the governance of socio-technical systems. The research of POLG takes place at the very heart of decision- and policy-making, and in political, judicial and operational processes. Our in-depth approach provides insight into the evolutionary patterns of the decision-making processes, the interest trade-offs, incentive structures, performance and the strategic behaviour of the players.

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