The department is managed by the department management team (MT-ESS) of three full professors, and headed by the head of deparment. Our staff members have diverse backgrounds, ranging from system, chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering, to applied science, mathematics, econometrics and computer science.

Management team

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Paulien Herder

Head of Department

Research interests:
System engineering research | Topsector Energy | Delft Energy Iniative | UNI-SET

Caspar Chorus

Marijn Janssen

Zofia Lukszo

Head of TLO group

Research interests:
Choice behavior modeling | Mobililty/travel behavior modeling | Travel demand forecasting | Transport policy analysis


Head of ICT group

Research interests:
ICT-architecting | ICT &  Governance | Infrastructure | Orchestration

Head of E&I Group

Research interests:
Smart grids | Modelling of socio-technical systems | Operations management, mainly in the process industry and infrastructure sectors | Engineering optimisation

Connie van Dop

Laura de Groot-Charité

Department Manager

Project Secretary

Department Secretary


Laura Bruns

Laura de Groot-Charité

Jo-Ann Karna




Betty van Koppen

Ellen van der Linden

Diones Supriana


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