Engineering Systems and Services

The core activity of this department is to understand and predict emerging technological innovations and user service patterns, and use these insights for improved design, regulation and operation of engineering systems and services in the domains of Energy, Mobility and ICT.
Head of department: Paulien Herder

Multi Actor Systems

The core activity is this department is the design of new ‘smart’ governance principles, adaptive policies and decision making strategies, supported by new ways of modelling that combine formal models with large-scale gaming and simulation techniques, and increasingly, real time big data.
Head of department: Hans de Bruijn


Values, Technology and Innovation

The core activity of this department is to develop useful frameworks for responsible innovation and value sensitive design, through critical evaluation of technological advancements on the basis of fundamental values such as ethics and safety and frugality. In this field applied philosophy, safety sciences and economics of technology & innovation are integrated.
Head of department: Ibo van de Poel


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