Sabine Roeser

Contact information

Room number: B4.110
Phone: +31 15 27 88779
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Research interests

  • risk
  • emotions
  • intuitions
  • (meta)ethics
  • political philosophy

Prof.dr. S. (Sabine) Roeser


I am Professor of Ethics at TU Delft (distinguished Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor). I am the head of the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section. I have been working at Delft University of Technology since September 2001. From September 2010 through August 2013 I also held a part-time professorship at Twente University (Socrates Chair). I obtained my PhD in 2002 at the Free University, Amsterdam, for my thesis Ethical Intuitions and Emotions: A Philosophical Study. During my PhD-research, I spent two terms abroad: in the Fall term 2000 I studied at the University of Reading with Jonathan Dancy, in the Spring term 1999 I studied at the University of Notre Dame. I hold an M.A.-degree in Philosophy (cum laude, 1997) and an M.A.-degree in Political Science (1998), both from the University of Amsterdam. I did my B.A. in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht (1994). My research covers theoretical, foundational topics concerning the nature of moral knowledge, intuitions, emotions and evaluative aspects of risk, but also urgent and hotly debated public issues on which my theoretical research can shed new light, such as nuclear energy, climate change and public health issues. From July 2010-June 2015 I am head of a research group on Moral Emotions and Risk Politics for which I have received a VIDI-grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

Key publications

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